About Us

Our journey started in 2017 when our co-founder Kavita decided to pursue her childhood dream

She ditched the 9-5 accounting job she’d been working and set about launching an Indian restaurant with a unique twist. Creating a mouth-watering menu of street food-inspired veggie dishes, Kavita and her family put in the hard yards required and launched Veggie Planet in Mississauga, followed by a second eatery in Vaughan.

We knew it was time to crank things up a notch after realizing how much Canadians adore our Schezwan Naanza, plant-based meat-alternative burgers, and Special Poutine (loaded masala fries!). After refining and extending our exclusively vegetarian menu, we decided that franchising would be the best way to give the rest of the population the chance to enjoy our signature dishes.

We’re confident that Veggie Planet’s USP will stand us apart in a super competitive industry. Catering for vegetarians, vegans, and those with various allergies (our onion-and-garlic-free dishes are boss!), we provide scrumptious Indian food like no one else.
We’re now ready to open new locations in and around Ontario and even further afield, and we can’t wait to welcome you as our newest franchise partner.

Why Should You Franchise with Veggie Planet?

Our Mouth-watering Menu

At Veggie Planet, we’ve worked really hard to perfect our
mouth-watering menu. Our varied dishes feature the likes of pizzas, naanzas, panzerotti, and burgers, and we’re renowned for serving up delicious Indian street food with a twist. As well as being tantalizingly tasty, our food is exclusively vegetarian. We also serve many vegan and no onion/garlic dishes, which are super popular with many of our customers.

A Solid Foundation to Work From

Our franchise partners benefit from working from the operating models of our two flagship restaurants – Mississauga and Vaughan. Both locations have enjoyed resounding success since opening, and we invite our new franchisees to learn from the foundations laid at these sites by our founding partners. Essentially, instead of having to go it alone, you have the chance to capitalize on an operating model that works.

A Brand that
Our Customers Love

Since starting out in 2017, the Veggie Planet team has worked tirelessly to build a brand that customers love and keep coming back to. As a franchise partner, you have the perfect opportunity to launch a Veggie Planet restaurant in your chosen location and benefit from the awesome reputation that we’ve built since our founding. This will help you attract clients from the outset and grow your franchise in your exclusive territory.

Veggie Planet Logo
Veggie Planet - Paneer Topped Pizza

Your Own Territory to Develop

At Veggie Planet, we recognize that our franchisees deserve the opportunity to develop a stellar reputation in an exclusive territory, which is why we guarantee you an exclusive location with a population centre of 25,000 or within a 10KM radius from your chosen location (whichever is less). Franchising success is often built upon repeat custom, so you will have the perfect opportunity to keep your customers coming back again and again.

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